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The earth yields stunning materials and gems. Manmade elements placed side by side to natural components don't even compare in beauty. The array of colors and textures offered from natural gemstones is so vast that I knew I would spend a lifetime learning all of them and using them in my designs. Natural gemstones being discovered, cut, polished, and made into jewelry has always fascinated me. It never gets old discovering a new stone or a new type of jasper. With the exception of some high end crystals, my jewelry line focuses on the earths natural beauty.

I use sterling silver, high quality bronze components, and natural gemstones in my jewelry. Combining these components with detailed, methodical construction, yields a high quality product. I realized early on that most "store bought" jewelry was made with inferior plated components that didn't stand the test of time. I saw no reason to buy jewelry that wasn't made to last. I now offer jewelry at prices comparable to that of traditional retailers but made with high quality components so they can be worn for years to come.

The quality of materials and craftsmanship paired with natural beauty of real gemstones creates and elegant style that people can be excited to wear! Whether the jewelry is modern, tribal, or minimalist, it always has an air of elegance. I make jewelry that is both fashionable and timeless. I want to wear pieces that are going to last, not ones that will be outdated come next fall. The elegant, simple style of my jewelry keeps it fresh and relevant for a long time. After all, the earths beauty never goes out of style!

I once had a customer buy a necklace for herself and it turned out to be much more than what she expected so she immediately bought one for her daughter. That limited edition piece is no longer offered in my shop and it gives me great satisfaction to know that my customers have jewelry that they can actually love for years to come.


My little "helpers"
Paris          Stella

My Awesome and supportive husband, Shawn!

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