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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pave Diamond Craze

All the rage these days is the pave diamond set charm and components. I wasn't too sure about them, it seemed like a trend that might fade quickly. I recently went and looked at some components and started offering them in my bead shop at and I decided to start using them in my jewelry. I have done a 180 about pave set diamonds. They are gorgeous! They are also much more affordable way to have luxury jewelry without having to completely break the bank.

Yes, they obviously cost more than crystals, but they look different too. Believe it or not they have more sparkle than crystals and at the same time they look earthier. Maybe that is just my brain kicking in, but I don't think so. I have thought about it a lot.

Today I present to you, sterling silver pave diamond set spikes with lapis lazuli carved skull earrings. I think they are fantastic and I don't think I could have achieved this look without the pave diamond pieces.

I'm interested in your thoughts.


  1. Wow! I'm not one for skulls, but I admire the graduated detail of the diamond part - they get sooo tiny at the ends!