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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Crescent Moons

Crescent Moons.

One of the oldest symbols of mankind that has been transformed and adapted to hold significance in many cultures. I have noticed this symbol becoming more predominant in fine jewelry and with "Etsians" in general.

I know that it can be considered a symbol for both Muslims and Catholics and I am sure that it holds significance for those who follow astrology. I can't help but think of the beauty of the actual moon, the cyclical nature of it, and of us, and how it has captured my imagination since childhood.

The moon is a fixed universal point and truth. An object that all humans can see and feel but not touch. It mesmerizes our minds and somehow gives us hope. The moon inspires our imaginations and lets us forget the grind of daily life. It draws our gaze up and holds our attention year after year.

Let the moon inspire you today.

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