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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Organization is always one of the most challenging aspects But with jewelry and beads it is imperative to have a system that fosters creativity rather than hinders it. Nothing is worse then knowing what bead you need to finish a project and having to spend 20 minutes searching for it.

We've all been there, "I'm going to put this item here so I'll remember!" Do we ever remember? Well, I don't. So in an effort to be more organized I bought a new jewelry table and I am turning my office upside down and completely re-organizing.

Today I picked up my new jewelry bench and organized all my tools and items that I use for metalwork. Tomorrow I clean out the shelves and closets and the real hurdle will be when I get down to the nitty-gritty and re-organize the beads.

Here is a quick snap of my new bench, I'll try to post my organization as I go so you can kind of see what it looks like.

I bought this table for $199.00. It does not have a catch tray but it came with the peg board and all the hooks for the pegboard, the fluorescent light (which is awesome!) and two drawers. It took me a couple of hours to assemble it, but it was not hard, the directions were very easy to understand. Now all I need is a bench pin and a vice.

How do you stay organized? How did you come up with your system?

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